White with Red Stars Baby Leg Warmers

White with Red Stars Baby Leg Warmers

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Our fabulous baby leg warmers are adorable, fun & practical for many ages. Perfect for girls and boys and - can be used on legs as well as arms.


• Leg Warmers are so versatile and useful that we consider them to be an essential baby item!

• For your newborn or infant, use these in place of pants to make diaper changes much faster.

• For your crawler, protect your baby's soft knees from bruises and rug burns.

• For your older children or for yourself, these can also be used as arm warmers or wrist warmers! Turn a short sleeve shirt into a long sleeve shirt in an instant.

• Always a great gift!


• Made with super soft organic cotton

• Ribbing on top and bottom ensures a good fit

• 85 % Organic Cotton, 10 % Spandex, 5% Polyester SIZING: 31 cm x 9 cm

One Size fits all. They fit most from about 3 months to 12 months and up to age 12 years old if worn on arms (can even fit adults with petite arms)

CARE: Machine Wash, Tumble Dry